Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TMI Tuesday #150

What's with this girl? She goes from posting several times a day to flashing once a week!

Life has been exceptionally odd recently. I promise to get back into the swing of blogging soon (within the month) because I miss this coterie, this support group. Until then I want to thank everyone for the sweet and sassy comments on the last few HNTs; you all put a smile on my face and a moistness in my panties! Hehe.

I can't forget to send a very special shout out to J. He knows about the blog, the infidelity and he still loves me. Told you he's a keeper. ;) More on that soon!

And now for a little Too Much Information. . .

1. When was the last time someone hit on you? What went down? I'm on summer vacation from university right now so I've been doing an unwonted amount of partying. It seems that every time I'm in the presence of someone who's drunk, high or both, they either want to suck my toes or have me suck them off. Needless to say nothing goes down - except maybe their self-esteem!

2. If you were single and could be with any one person, who would it be (thinking singer/actor or someone famous here, but whatever)? I won't pretend I know any celebrity well enough to be able to say I'd like to be with them but there are a few I'd like to date - for example Angelenia Jolie, Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp and Marshall Mathers - and not for any of the reasons you'd probably guess. ;)

3. Have you ever had done anything sexual in your office or your place of employment? A lab I used to work at had a very sexy nursery room (for cells, not babies!): complete darkness with a groovy ultraviolet aura, cramped spaces and science, Meredith, science! But I never got around to making use of it. . . :(

4. Do you apologize when you make a mistake? How do you react when someone calls you out? If it's the kind of mistake that begs apology then yes; otherwise I'll just correct myself. When someone rudely call out a mistake I've made I get frustrated - even if I'm wrong - but I'll usually just say "Thanks" or "No, I'm right; look it up." Besides. . .I'm always right! =P

5. Top or bottom? Bottom all the way. But I can be a switch if J begs hard enough. I love to be begged. . . ;)

Bonus. How old were you when you first had a willing sexual experience? With myself, 3 or 4. With another person, 8. What - didn't everybody start out so young? Hah.

For more awesome science tats, check out the photo gallery at Tattoo Blog! Is this some sort of hint for this week's HNT? Maybe. . . ;)

/ser infiel.


Amorous Rocker said...

Mmm partying.

Mmm... Johnny Depp. I think he's be seriously interesting in an odd way. Or maybe totally boring which would probably be a little disappointing but I doubt that. Either way, he's sexy. =p

The lab sounds cool. Too bad you never got around to making some naughty use out of it.

Amorous Rocker said...
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Anonymous said...

love you answer to number 1. Thanks for sharing.

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Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Hee! I totally interpreted #5 how you did--in the BDSM sense. But reading around, a lot of people just took it positionally. Huh. ;)

Oooh, I would have dug that cell nursery. . .

Anonymous said...

excellent answers!
suck ur toes huh?

I Smile 2 Much said...

LUV your *always right* #4 answer. Your #1 answer is awesome. Sucky silly partiers! (hehe, LOL!)

Happy TMI ; )

Ser Infiel said...

Amorous - Judging from his depth of human understanding - which I glean from his breadth of acting abilities - I would seriously bet on the former. ;) Mm, I'm getting all yummy inside. Hehe.

Eddie - Thanks for visiting!

Ms. I - Just 2 of many proofs to your endless awesomeness. ;)

Sage - I know! I don't even hardly let J touch my feet and he's got quite the fetish! :Runs away screaming.:

Smile - Hehe!

Vixen said...

I have horribly naughty thoughts that crossed through my mind at the thought of Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp....good lord. LOL

HappyTMI belated. xo

Ser Infiel said...

Vixen - I hadn't even thought of that. I think your naughty thoughts just leapt into my head; thank you! ;)