Thursday, September 4, 2008

HNT #5 - J's first appearance!


Notice J's hands on my left shoulder. Smack the booty to find what (brand spankin' new) secrets lie beneath those gentle fingers. . . ;)

Check out Amid Life's Crises HNT for more such half-nekkid "secrets"!


I'd love to stay and chat but I've got a blowjob to attend to! Happy HNT everyone!

/ser infiel.


Hubman said...

Nice tat, looks good in color!

Well, get sucking!!

Carnalis said...

love the angle

happy bj x

Mike said...

Oh i love both pictures, but i love the way the crack of your bum cheeks are showing in the second one! Oh nice undies btw ;)

Anonymous said...

excellent pic!!
Great tat

By all means blow away!


Anonymous said...

Love the red lace AND the tat is gorgeous too! HHNT!

Lapis Ruber said...

That back just begs to be stroked and caressed - as I am sure J has done many times. Happy HNT.

Anonymous said...

I think you & ♀ & I should go lingerie shopping. Maybe in...
San Francisco?
That's my guess.

Who Am I? said...

Epic ass!

Thanks for your comment, it got me all hot and bothered early in the morning :)


Paul B said...

Nice tat...and great shots - very sexy pics.

Amorous Rocker said...

Nice tat! I love the main picture. The back plus the ass and the tops of sexy undies... woohoo. Happy HNT!

Baby said...

Love the tat!!! Great undies - sexy bod - photos! Happy HNT!!!

Vixen said...

God. I love both shots so much. I *love* how the panties come down just. enough. Insanely hot.

happyHNT xo

Vixen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bad Girl said...

So very hot!

Biscuit said...

Well...don't let us keep you ;) Very spankable hiney, that!

d2b said...

Happy HNT!!!

Anonymous said...

soft touch, smooth skin... very nice.

Ser Infiel said...

Hubman - Thanks! J says it's like I'm wearing sexy lingerie when I'm absolutely nekkid. :)

Carnalis - I'm glad you approve of the angle! J was concerned that you all would think I had a deformed back from the clickthru; he wanted to clarify that I was contorting my body. Hehe.

Mike - Thank you kindly. ;)

Sage - I'm glad you're enjoying my HNTs!

Swingerwife - Thanks, sexy!

Lapis - I'm glad to see you hanging out at my little hideaway! Feel free to caress the small of my back any day; that gets me quite weak I do confess. . . :)

Sissy - Getting warmer! I wish I lived in the Bay; I've only been there a handful of times and I love everything about it! I still think the 3 of us should go lingerie shopping ASAP though. ;)

Betty - Ooh, I love having that effect on sexy ladies! You can come visit my "epic ass" any time, hun. Hehe!

Paul - Thanks!

Amorous - Those are as high as those undies naturally go on my unnaturally large rear. J thought it looked funny but I agree - that view of a woman's buttcrack is always sexy!

Baby - Thank you! I'm glad you're all enjoying my tat as much as I have been. :)

Vixen - Your comments always get me all giggly and smiley. . . If you only knew! Hehe!

Bad - Why thank ya!

Biscuit - Glad to hear you still think my hiney is spankworthy. Hehe! ;)

D2b - To you too!

Satire - Thank you, gorgeous!

Lilly said...

Beautiful! Love the red!

Dana said...

Oh yes! You did this very, very well! And just where did you find those wonderful red lace panties? And thank you so much for the "shout out"!


Rage said...

Get your blow job on girl!

Love the tats!

Anonymous said...

Yummy bum. :)

sub essence said...

very nice! love the tat too


Mariposa said...

Stunningly hot! HappyHNT!


Blissfully Wed said...

He's such a lucky guy. Then again, so am I for getting to see your sexy and beautiful skin.


M said...

Love the tat...and the booty ;)

Happy belated HNT! :)

Another Suburban Mom said...

I love the tat. Hope J enjoyed the blow job.

Kittie Kate said...

You have a lovely shape!
Happy belated HNT!

Richard, Shhh... said...

Very pretty!!! Oh, did you find a mushroom tip for that blowjob? ;-)

I Smile 2 Much said...

Holy hotness!! So sexy in red you are! Booty-spankin-licious is what I see!! Happy *so damn* smacking-good HNT 2 U!!

Happy enjoyable sucking too! ; ) *muah*

Maeve said...

Can I help with the spanking?